Chartering with Berkshire Aviation provides you with access to hundreds of airports throughout the Northeast, several of which much closer to your destination than the local international airport. With Berkshire Aviation, there are no security lines and no lost bags. You will be in the air on your way to your destination before the airlines have left the gate.


Our mechanics work tirelessly to ensure that our aircraft are always performing to the best of their capabilities. Our aircraft undergo frequent inspections and a thorough pre-flight inspection prior to every flight. Our pilots are trained to the highest standards and exceed the credentials required by the FAA.


At Berkshire Aviation you charter the whole aircraft, so you have the comfort of knowing who and what is onboard. Our pilots are always looking for the best altitude and route to keep you away from rough air. We will work with you to make sure every request is fulfilled, and that your arrive at your destination on-time and well rested.